Work begins on improving art facilities at Kendal School


CONSTRUCTION work has started on an £ 800,000 project to develop and renovate the music and arts facilities at Kirkbie Kendal School.

The windfall will create new spaces and completely renovate existing rooms, while the original elements of the building will also be restored to their former glory.

The money comes from the Department of Education which has distributed £ 393million for projects to over 1,000 schools under the Academies Maintenance Fund.

Head of Music Jen Donald said it looked like a reward for recent success.

“Recent productions such as Fame, We Will Rock You and Little Shop of Horrors have showcased the talent of our students,” she said.

“These exciting new facilities are like a reward for all their hard work. The renovated teaching spaces will be used for classes for all age groups.

“The updated rehearsal spaces will be appreciated by the students and the team of music teachers. ”

The new center will be used by the arts, music, theater and dance departments, said Mark Leadbeatter, Head of Creative and Performing Arts, who added: “These new facilities will support our goals of excellence for the school and community.

“Art students recently exhibited at Castle Dairy and are eagerly awaiting increased storage space that will make it easier for them to showcase their work.

“The dance recently moved into its new studio and, not to be outdone, the Drama Department is presenting Midsummer Night’s Dream at Brewery Arts in December. The increased space will allow all areas to thrive.

Principal Phil Hyman added, “I am delighted with this good news for our students and teachers. I would also like to thank John Gee, the school’s business manager, for his work with Mellor Architects in preparing the offer.

“In addition to the increased teaching space, we hope to restore the clock which was an important feature of the building.”

Pinnington’s Construction work has started on the pavilion which was an original feature of Kendal Grammar School.

The school hopes to use the new facilities next March.


William E. Bennett

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