Viral TikTok Videos and Batman Art Exhibits in Shreveport Entertainment

Summer is fast approaching in Shreveport and with back to school fast approaching, there’s plenty to get excited about in the meantime.

From Christmas through early July to an exhibit that will delight comic book fans of all ages, here’s what you might have missed this week.

Christmas in Heaven needs you!

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council hosted the Christmas in the Sky Volunteer Launch Party on Wednesday, July 13. Every Wednesday from now until the big night of December 10, volunteers can come to Louisiana Downs to help make the magic happen.

PACE on Abortion

Victoria Provenza speaks at the 2014 PACE Shreveport Mayors Forum on Sunday.

Local organization People Acting for Change and Equality (PACE) has released a statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade making abortion illegal again in Louisiana.

The Legacy of George Carlin

George Carlin in an image from the HBO documentary,

Many know comedian George Carlin for his rebellious spirit and constantly pushing the boundaries of his stand-up routines. But what is the link between the late comedian and Shreveport? Find out how Carlin got his start in radio and comedy here.

Movies, music and more

Viraj Gandhi pictured at the Film Prize offices in Shreveport on April 5, 2022.

Viraj Gandhi is a Shreveport native who uses film and experimental music composition to elevate his powerful storytelling and fill a niche in the film community. Learn all about Gandhi’s education, his journey from medical school to filmmaking in Spain and more here.

batman and beyond

Graphic designer Chip Kidd pictured June 24, 2022 at Artspace in downtown Shreveport.

Artspace has a brand new exhibit on the Batman Black and White anthology comic book series. Get to know the exhibit’s curator and creator, graphic designer Chip Kidd, and his special connection to Gotham’s vigilante.

Louisiana Woman on TikTok goes viral

Casey LaCaze-Lachney posted a TikTok video describing an incident in Winnfield, Louisiana, where she was charged with public indecency on Saturday, June 11.

Casey LaCaze-Lachney was enjoying a festival in downtown Winnfield, Louisiana when three police officers gave her a citation for indecent exposure for wearing shorts and a crop top.

Since the June 11 incident, LaCaze-Lachney has hired an attorney and set up a meeting with the Winnfield Police Chief and the Winnfield City Attorney in hopes of having the citation thrown out.

On June 12, LaCaze-Lachney and his attorney finally met with the police chief who apologized for the citation and the way things were handled.

Meredith G. White is an arts and culture reporter for the Shreveport Times. You can find her on Facebook as Meredith G. White, on Instagram and Twitter as @meredithgwhite, and email her at

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