UWF Art Gallery Presents “Surviving the Wilds of the Panhandle”

Queer theorist and art critic José Esteban Muñoz wrote, “Queerness is essentially the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on the potential for another world. “Surviving the Wilds of the Panhandle” is a glimpse into that other world.

Employing neo-spatial aesthetics, Grubb’s installation of glossy ceramic anthropomorphic vessels, video, foil, sand and building materials is set in the past as a starting point to develop a vision of the queer future rooted in persistent and radical optimism. He navigates the unease and discomfort of his identity as a queer man new to the southern landscape through Reid F. Tillery’s 2005 guide, “Surviving the Wilds of Florida.” As Tillery says, “Florida is a beautiful state with vast wilderness areas that beckon to be explored. But to safely enjoy any wilderness setting, you need to know how to ensure your own well-being, as well as that of your companions. Grubb transforms the art gallery into a home base for clusters of ceramic forms – communities offering security and the suggestion of a welcoming future.

Solo exhibition “Surviving the Wilds of the Panhandle” by artist Justin Quaid Grubb will be accompanied by a limited number of exhibition catalogs featuring an artist statement and an essay by Ariel Kroon, PhD, available free of charge for the public.

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William E. Bennett