The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center continues to enrich the quality of life for West Texans


WNPAC is celebrating 10 years of service to the West Texas region by hosting a variety of arts and cultural events in the Permian Basin.

ODESSA, Texas, United States, December 23, 2021 / – The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center (WNPAC) celebrates 10 years of service to the West Texas region! WNPAC offers a variety of artistic and cultural events in the Permian Basin. Not only do these shows enrich the quality of life of the inhabitants of the district, but the place generates significant economic benefits.

According to a recent study by the Perryman Group, in just ten years, the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center has transformed the cultural landscape of Midland-Odessa and the surrounding region. It has made the region more attractive, both for current residents and for those who choose to settle in the region. WNPAC contributes to the continued benefits of all segments of the local economy and fosters lasting prosperity. In fact, in the first year of full operation of the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center, the overall contribution of the performing arts to the economy of the Midland-Odessa region almost tripled.

“At UT Permian Basin, we laser focus on serving this region. One of the ways we do this is through the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center. This magnificent facility improves the quality of life for Texans West by offering a wide variety of live shows – truly something for everyone. It also strengthens the economy by attracting guests from all over the state, creating jobs and supporting local businesses. The first ten years have been amazing. The next ten years will be even better, ”said UT Permian Basin President Dr. Sandra Woodley.

Research from the Perryman Group has shown that over the past 10 years, the performing arts have experienced an overall growth of 437% in production in the region. During the same period, the performing arts in Texas increased 155%. Even with the historic expansion of the energy sector, the increase in the performing arts in Midland-Odessa has exceeded that of the overall economy by 110%. As a percentage of the Texas Performing Arts Complex, the Midland-Odessa region increased by 44%.
Due to the nature, diversity and quality of the programming, The Perryman Group believes that the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center was directly responsible for:

– $ 69.3 million in additional tourism spending in the region
– $ 174.1 million in overall expenses
– $ 39.3 million in profits for local businesses
– $ 61.8 million in earnings for local workers
– 135 jobs on average per year

“As room staff, we directly feel the enthusiasm and gratitude of our customers when they attend every event,” said Stephanie Rivas, Executive Director of WNPAC. to have such a positive impact on the economy is simply amazing. “

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