The Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering is being renovated to modernize the building

The Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering is being renovated, including a new mural. The goal is to modernize the building and make it more accessible to the community. WYSO’s Garrett Reese has more.

The renovation of the Rosewood Arts Center is funded by a public-private partnership. The town of Kettering is paying $4.8 million for infrastructure costs.

This includes new bathrooms, new electrical and HVAC systems, central air conditioning, and verifying that the building is ADA compliant. The Center has also raised just over $1 million from donors, foundations and the Ohio Facilities Building Commission.

This money will go towards the construction of a new ceramics studio and a theatre. Shayna McConville is Director of the Cultural Arts Division for the Town of Kettering.

“It’s a testament to this project, a testament to a community that truly values ​​their quality of life and is willing to say yes to making something like this possible in their backyard,” McConville said. “I don’t think that’s necessarily the case in every community. So Kettering is special enough to do that.”

McConville is excited about the Arts Center’s new mural. It is a compilation of entries and artistic designs from many community members.

The renovations are expected to last until the end of summer 2023.

William E. Bennett