The Last of Us 2 Fan Art Presents Stunning Narrative Mashup


The last of us characters get the cinematic treatment with this awesome fan-made poster.

2021 The last of us So far the day has come with some new looks at the upcoming HBO series, as well as some great The Last of Us 2 fan art to celebrate the beloved game. In anticipation, fans revisit the heart-wrenching story of Ellie and the characters who touched her deeply along the way.

The TLOU fandom has some really talented artists in their community, and David, who goes through @IconicNephilim on Twitter, is absolutely no exception. IconicNephilim presents the narrative moments in TLOU2 in one of the most surprisingly detailed interpretations there is.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4



The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4






IconicNephilim is widely known for his work centered on TLOU, having previously recreated Ellie’s journal entry style and other emotionally impactful scenes from the game. Looking at his artwork, it’s no wonder he’s a vital fan artist in the community. Full of intricate details that capture the heart and emotion of TLOU, IconicNephilim sums up what really makes the story impactful.

In an almost Star wars-Esque movie poster, IconicNephilim visually chronicles Ellie’s journey throughout the game. Ellie clearly takes the hero’s stance, surrounded by the game’s most prominent characters. Abby, with her intensely harsh and revealing gaze, mirrors the gaze Ellie’s sweeter, with Joel, of course, in addition to the two of them.

Lev and his sister Yara stand at the bottom left of the poster, and Dina stands with Tommy in the center with other Jackson members. All of them stand above the bittersweet moment of a young Ellie and Joel walking into the distance and into the past. Overall, it’s as if Ellie looks back on her bittersweet and often painful journey, reminding the viewer how difficult life is. TLOU2.


Additionally, the artist has released a full breakdown of his The Last of Us 2 fan art, revealing details of the makeup of the fan art. It’s an interesting additional glimpse behind the curtain of his process, highlighting all the little details that some may have missed at first glance.

Then, the poster is populated with small environmental objects that bring it to life. Small bottles, guitar and the broken American flag give the room a recognizable look TLOU2 feel, almost as if made by Naughty Dog themselves.


You can find more of IconicNephilim’s work at Twitter, or discover his art on Instagram.

The Last of Us from HBO the series is supposed to air in 2022, but for now we’ll have to settle for the recent first look photo on Naughty Dog’s Twitter. Currently, The last of us parts 1 and 2 are available to play on PS4 and PS5.

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