Student Art Exhibits Begin at Community Fine Arts Center | People

ROCK SPRINGS — The first youth art exhibit is hung up and ready for students to bring family and friends to view their creations. More than 150 students from Northpark and Overland Elementary Schools and the Desert School are featured in this exhibit through February 13 at the Community Fine Arts Center.

Each year, displays of student art from Sweetwater County School District #1 mark the celebration of National Youth Art Month. This observation recognizes the importance of art and arts education in school curricula. Art, music, and performing arts activities can help students develop life skills, including self-expression, problem-solving, creativity, individuality, and the ability to see life. beauty of traditional art forms and the world around them.

Students worked in a variety of media including watercolor, markers, collage and chalk. Following state standards for education, students explore techniques, study important artists throughout history, and learn terms such as perspective, balance, shape, form, tint and value.

Pupils are under the guidance of Jacob Harkin at Northpark Elementary School and Annette Tanner at Overland and Desert Schools.


KINDERGARTEN: Eliott Boling, Ethan Crawford, Cecilia Cristanelli, Asher Floyd, Mathew Hartford, Jaylee Jayroe, Cooper Kruske, Andreas Martinez, Max Montoya, Taylor Riggs, Emree Schumacher, Kassidy Smith, Navie Tamllos, Barrett Wilde and Jordyn Yeager.

FIRST YEAR: Ashley Arazaga Ramos, Gavriella Cristanelli, Kolbee Curtis, Eleazar De La Fuente, Sophia Goidich, Alexa Hokanson, Cael Mascaro, Izabelle Potter-Spanne, Lois Roberts, Brantley Robison, Liana Scott, Elijah Siget, Rylynn Slagowski, Calen Storment and Chevelle Story .

SECOND YEAR: Ezra Anderson, Layla Chapman, Finley Egbert, Bryson Fletcher, Kyleigh Frazier, Dax Harmon, Jace Jayroe, Rayn Maciel, Ivy Macy, Sadie Nichols, Gael Pena and Cristian Valdez.

THIRD YEAR: Laylah Abplanalp, Allison Arzaga Ramos, Adanely Campos-Del Villar, Moises Chacon, Zi’ara Chenoweth, Zavian Coletti, Dempsey Cross, IiLaycia Griffin, Kamdon Homer, Kamilah Martinez, Alivia Pedri, Rylee Robinson, Jacob Tucker and Liam Watkins.

FOURTH YEAR: Lundin Centers, Tiana Halstead, Macy Harmon, Kwenton Heaps, Avery Maes and Izzy Pedri.


KINDERGARTEN: Avery Anderson, Jax Aullman, Hunter Bertagnolli, Cash Collins, Parker Elmore, Chase Froman, Karla Guerrero-Godina, Arianna Hewitt, James Johnson, Shelbie Petersen, Ericka Seavers, Francisco Serrano Gonzalez, Zynnjaida Tahnazani, Sandra Virgilio-Martinez and Samuel Wiig .

FIRST YEAR: Stella Backstrom, Braxton Burnham, Abigail Chamberlain, Kya Eikanger, Mavrick Failor, Deziray Gustafson, Josiah Heath, Daisy Hobbs, Olivia Koepplin, Shanell Louderback, Audrey Masie, Mikey Pooler, Sanaya Smith and Stella Wilson.

SECOND YEAR: Kenzli Evans, Anabella Faupel, Maddee Gribble, Koda Helmick, Kameron Owens, Alexander Silva, Brecken Smith, Jovanna Terrill, Richard Whicker Jr. and Zailey Wilcock.

THIRD YEAR: Jonhatan Frias, Vayolet Hernandez-Solis, Kimbra Hymas, Paislee Jex, Robert Johnson, Karlee Lewis, Isaac Lopez, Baylee Pearson, Kiley Raymond and Olivia Whalen.

FOURTH YEAR: Dawnivon Acuna, Ayden Chesnik, Carlitos Garcia-Castro, Tabitha Howell, Kimber James, Kate Navarro, Noe Serrano Gonzalez, London Staley and Persayous Stokes.

KINDERGARTEN: Jade Davis, Layla Reames, Stephen Reames and Rhode Wyatt Wood.

FIRST YEAR: CJ Crosley, Jordan Frescas, Nova Hunt, Anabelle Koontz, Preston McCulloch, Robert McDowell and Elizabeth White.

THIRD YEAR: Xavier Bradenburg-Ortiz, Caleb Davis, Hallee DeCoteau and Brooklynn Wood.

FOURTH YEAR: Jazmine Frescas and Madison Hunt.

FIFTH YEAR: Aiesha Bradenburg-Ortiz, Anthony Cruz, Elijah Looney and Cyrus White.

SIXTH YEAR: Johnathan Davis, Aundrea Echeverria, Stephen Hunt, Antoine Powell and Bradly White.

SEVENTH GRADE: Kelan Bird and Kinsey Pierce.

EIGTH YEAR: Clarence Davis and Leonell Echeverria.

The Fine Arts Community Center hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

William E. Bennett