Strathclyde University art installations, including the Collins Gallery, threatened by budget cuts


  • Laura Hamilton
  • April 25, 2011

Following Strathclyde University’s proposal to cut funding for the Collins Gallery, the Ramshorn Theater and the Music Society, Collins Gallery curator Laura Hamilton exposes her case

The Collins Gallery has been an integral part of Glasgow’s vibrant arts scene for almost 40 years and, funded by the University of Strathclyde, has carved out a unique niche for itself as a leading provider of exhibitions, educational events and High-caliber publications, heavily focused on craftsmanship. and applied arts, both national and international. Located close to the city center, the Collins is arguably one of Glasgow’s finest temporary exhibition spaces, attracting an annual visitation of around 37,000 visitors from the arts and academic communities as well as the general public.

We are also responsible for the conservation of some 2,000 objects held in the permanent collections of historical art and scientific instruments of the University, and over the years we have participated in several public art commissions for the campus, including stained glass windows by John Clark. for the Barony, and sculptural works by Jack Sloan, George Wyllie and Shona Kinloch.

As part of a review of its cultural strategy, the University has published a consultation document proposing the closure of the three components of its cultural interface with the city. Responses to the document have been requested and the Court will consider the situation in May.

It is clear that very few areas, in all sectors of society, will be unaffected by the current economic climate, but we obviously hope, and we will endeavor to ensure, that measures can be implemented to ensure both the long-term future of the Collins Gallery and more immediately, the realization of the major projects under development for the next nine months. And not least, an exhibition that celebrates the life and work of the remarkable George Wyllie, whose archives were generously donated to Strathclyde University last year.


William E. Bennett

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