Sotheby’s launches the Aspen Art Gallery | New

Sotheby’s Art has entered the Aspen market.

A new 2,500 square foot gallery opened in downtown Aspen on Friday, in line with Sotheby’s vision to best accommodate its clientele in a post-pandemic landscape.

“Following successful openings in Palm Beach, Monaco and East Hampton, Sotheby’s is pleased to open a permanent gallery in the heart of Aspen,” reads a message from Sotheby’s.

“Located just at the base of the mountain and steps from the Aspen Museum of Art, the gallery brings together exceptional art, design and luxury goods in a curated lifestyle setting, with items available for immediate purchase.”

At the head of the Sotheby’s Aspen gallery, Christine Heller, who has been appointed director, will oversee business and client development.

Heller, who is originally from New York but moved to Aspen full-time a few years ago, will run the gallery alongside director Carl Zurhorst and associate Jillian Jiampietro, both new to Sotheby’s but local to the area.

Sotheby’s global head of private sales David Schrader said the brand had been looking for spaces in Aspen to open such a concept for about two years.

“It really is downtown, the heart of the city, especially after skiing,” Heller said of Sotheby’s Aspen. “We really want to create this more lifestyle-oriented environment – between art, furniture, handbags, jewelry, watches – to really feel like home.”

As part of Sotheby’s strategy to meet its buyers where they are and to cultivate a more relaxed approach to a traditional art gallery, Heller said: “We are not trying to be an art gallery white walled – we want to be a destination for people.”

The gallery’s first exhibition, “In Focus: Warhol on Paper,” celebrates Andy Warhol’s decades-long love affair and showcases some of his most iconic series and subjects.

“To get away from the bustling city, Aspen existed as an escape for Warhol. Referring to it as his “toy town”, it served as a place for him to reconnect with nature, create meaningful memories with friends and participate in various outdoor activities,” the Sotheby’s statement read. “The works on display highlight the artist’s study of bodily forms and the intersection of mind and body in association with the outside world Minimalist designs emphasizing Warhol’s mastery of line juxtaposed with his colorful prints -blocks form a dynamic spectacle, highlighting the breadth of the artist’s practice with paper.

William E. Bennett