Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center welcomes artist Fantastick Patrick

CLARKSBURG, WV — The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center hosted Fantastick Patrick on Friday for community members of all ages to enjoy.

Fantastick Patrick is a well-known international entertainer who specializes in a variety of entertainment. Center officials say Fantastick Patrick presents unique entertainment that combines situational comedy with a backdrop of absurd tricks and daring stunts that wow crowds.

“And I just think that shows how appealing this theater is. It’s a beautiful facility, a lot of actors want to perform here, and I know when artists come from all over the country and from everywhere, they really think it’s a great place to come and perform,” said Ian McAra, director of operations at the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center.

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center officials said Fantastick Patrick has performed more than 25,000 shows in 489 cities in more than 17 countries. Now Fantastick Patrick can add Clarksburg to his list of cities.

Coming soon, center officials said they have quite a few acts coming up for people of all ages like singer Mark Wills, the movie Dirty Dancing, and they say there are still tickets available for the Oak Ridge Boys.

William E. Bennett