Proposed High Point Arts Center Site Is A Problem | News

HIGH POINT – High Point Town leaders say most of the land that cultural arts center funders want donated to the project are not available at this time.

City manager Tasha Logan Ford told City Council that only about 1 acre of city-owned land on Washington Street between the North University Parkway Bridge and North Hoskins Street could be ceded.

“Obviously they would need almost the entire block to make the zone work,” she said. “The acre the city has is not enough to meet their needs.

Local filmmaker, businesswoman and community historian Phyllis Bridges is leading an effort to develop a $ 32 million installation with exhibition galleries for art, a theater for performances, and space for meetings and other events .

She has asked the city to donate approximately 8 acres, and legal research has determined that parts of the lots on the site are owned by the city, while others are owned by the High Point Housing Authority.

The largest city-owned land on the site is used to store debris and other materials, and is not eligible for the city to dispose of, said Logan Ford.

Housing Authority CEO Angela McGill said the agency currently has no property on the site it could donate.

William E. Bennett