Plans for a new performing arts center in the Village

MUNCIE, Ind.— Ball State University has announced a revitalization plan for the village, but one site may prove to be an anchor for the commercial area.

The revitalization plan provides for the addition of five new sites to the Village. The university plans to add a performing arts center, hotel, restaurants and retail services.

The performing arts center; however, is recognized as a catalyst for growth in the village.

According to Ball State’s press release, the university will invest approximately $100 million in private equity.

Seth Beckman, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, believes the new performing arts center will be a transformative opportunity by ensuring students have the facilities they need and deserve.

In addition, the performing arts center will be close to campus.

“We are very happy that it is in the village. I mean it’s very close to where we are on campus. It expands from our perspective, that connectivity, between campus and off campus,” Beckman said.

Haley Lajune, a Ball State music education student, said it would be nice to have a place to perform outside of Emens Auditorium because it’s hard to find other places.

Beckman said Ball State’s theater and dance department has doubled in size since 1996. Students are now split between eight different buildings.

“I think other educators will be really happy that students have another place to perform and express themselves,” Lajune said.

According to the press release, construction is scheduled for 2024. The university expects the development agreement to be completed by the end of this year.

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