Okanagan Art Exhibits Challenge Viewers to Reinterpret the Definition of Trash – Okanagan

The Art for Change summer art exhibit in Kelowna is made entirely of found materials and trash.

There are five separate exhibits in the city – four at the Rotary Center for the Arts and one at the Okanagan Heritage Museum.

“The point I’m trying to drive home with all of this is that waste is a commodity. We need to get rid of our ideas of throwing things away and (instead, find) ways to use them” , said Hanna Karin, creative director of Art for Change.

beauty in the beast took over the RCAF’s Alex Fong Galleria and features the works of Daren Williams of Kelowna and Becky Ten Veen of Summerland, as well as Marion Tetler of Ontario, Lesley Leong of Yukon and Zala Virendrasinh of ‘India.

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beauty in the beast demonstrates the aesthetic appeal of metal, paper, computer parts, and plastic,” reads a press release from Art for Change.

think big is an outdoor exhibit at RCA “featuring artists and community organizations who use mural art to rejuvenate neighborhoods and promote unity,” the statement said.

The exhibition language of art at RCA shows people how art can be another form of communication besides therapy and more.

The language of art speaks to the power of art to overcome language barriers, evoke emotion and engage social change,” according to the release.

The Beauty What The exhibit features “Beauty WAD’s costumes and used/upcycled clothing sets demonstrating how to look good without further harming the planet,” the statement said.

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At the Okanagan Heritage Museum is the jenga jenga exhibition that “promotes the viability of post-consumer waste as building blocks for construction and product development”.

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Three events will complement the art exhibitions.

The Beauty Wearable Art and Design competition takes place at RCA’s Mary Irwin Theater, where designers showcase the costumes they created from discarded materials on July 22.

A two-day film festival at the Mary Irwin Theater called the Beast International Film Festival features documentaries, short films and live presentations on the fashion industry, activism and environmental solutions July 23-24.

There will also be a Zydeco concert on July 23. A press release describes Zydeco as “jammy bluesy music that mixes Cajun Acadian with black rhythm and blues.” The Teenaree Gowdy and Nuvo Zydeco show takes place on July 23.

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