NFT Art Gallery and Juniper Bar Coming to North Park

Botanica, a new bar in North Park that will also function as a gallery and marketplace for digital art.

Opened in late summer on University Avenue next to Art Produce, the bar is the latest project from Be Saha Hospitality Group, the local team behind Wormwood and Tahona. Designed by Studio Bel, the 1,500 square foot space will be suspended with custom-designed framed display screens displaying a rotating collection of digital works by artists around the world. Botanica customers will be able to purchase these virtual collectibles, with sales benefiting original artists and Create Purpose, a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing educational programs to orphanages across Mexico, while proceeds from events held in its urban garden adjacent will support the Art Produce Foundation.

Representation of the Botanica bar and lounge.
Be Saha Hospitality Group

Be Saha founder Amar Harrag developed Tahona to explore mezcal and absinthe to spotlight absinthe, and this new 48-seat bar and lounge will center around gin and juniper, an age-old botanical spirit. centuries old which is considered the juniper-flavored precursor to gin.

Created by Beverage Director Marina Ferreira, co-founder of the RoseWater Cocktail Club, the drinks menu will include juniper served in traditional stemmed tulip glasses as well as cocktails created from a large collection of gin and other botanical spirits. The bar will also offer educational tasting sessions on gin and genever.

Culinary director Janina Garay and kitchen manager Tiffany Tran, who worked together at the Michelin-starred Addison, are collaborating on Botanica bites. Based on pintxos, or small snacks popular in the Basque country of northern Spain, the rotating menu selection will be adapted to accompany drinks.

3139 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

William E. Bennett