New online art gallery proves art can exist anywhere for everyone

A new place and a new way to view and buy art is available for Saskatchewan artists and art lovers.

Grasslands Gallery Online director Laureen Marchand gives details of her new artistic adventure.

“Grasslands Gallery Online is a fully online art gallery that provides an alternative for artists and art lovers to view and buy it without having to be in a city and go to a gallery.”

Marchand has a 35 year exhibition career or her own and after observing the transitions in the galleries during that time and especially in the times we live in now, she felt that something more was needed. to allow the artist’s work to be seen but did not. forcing people to go to places where they don’t feel comfortable.

As for the views one can expect to see in the gallery, Marchand says they will find some of Saskatchewan’s most notable contemporary artists. Artists make a wide range of art in a variety of different mediums as Marchand explains.

“The art that the Grasslands Gallery shows includes the landscape, but it includes a much wider range of Saskatchewan art possibilities. The slogan I have chosen is ‘Beautiful Saskatchewan Art’ and that’s what it is all about. the work on the website has in common, it is really beautiful to look at as well as very well done and interesting and timely. “

Since the gallery is online, it is accessible to anyone, anywhere and the entire art viewing process is completed on the computer or phone.

Marchand adds that in addition to having visual images of works of art, they also organize virtual exhibitions where viewers can get a guided tour as well as close-ups of particular pieces.

Additionally, she says she has no plans to replace the physical art galleries, but rather sees it as an improvement or addition and serves as an additional way of looking at it. Some artists also work with traditional galleries, which Marchand encouraged because she says all of these ways of looking at art are valuable and her goal is to expand possibilities for everyone.

Marchand adds that she hopes that if anyone has any questions or concerns about the gallery they will contact her as this is a new business and she knows she is going to miss things and is able. to add things to the site.

A new exhibition will open its doors next week entitled “You are here: a place on a map of the heart”. The exhibition is brought to life by artists from Grasslands Gallery Online on how artists focus and their viewers when times are uncertain.

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