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TAG / The Artists Gallery will be presenting artists Julie Maynard and Christine Stovall throughout October.

“What does not kill you” presents recent multimedia collages by Julie Maynard. These works show people holding or seeking beautiful things, awesome things, glittering things, happily neglecting the dangers they harbor. Everyone seems sure of what they are doing, even a little cheerful when they show you what they have found.

“If these men and women are, as my grandmother would say, ‘going to hell in a hand basket,’ then maybe I want to go with them,” Maynard says.

Christine Stovall’s animal paintings are inspired by trips to South Africa, England and Utah. Stovall’s show, “Natural Selection,” also enjoys nature viewing in his own backyard and walks near his beach house in Corolla, North Carolina. A series of people, horses and sea creatures emerged from shells, driftwood, rocks, feathers and new pieces of clay.

“I love the natural world,” Stovall says. “These pieces reflect my desire for a more harmonious interaction between man and nature. Hopefully, this work will encourage viewers to explore a world where humans and the natural world struggle to successfully coexist. “

The opening hours of the gallery are from noon to 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Free entry. TAG is at 501 N. Market St., Frederick. To learn more, visit theartistsgalleryfrederick.com, or call 301-228-9860.

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