intach: Creation of an art gallery in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh: Intach convenor SVS Lakshminarayana | Amaravati News

GUNTUR: Stating that the world-renowned center of art, culture and heritage, Guntur is an ideal place to establish an art gallery, the head of India’s National Trust for Art and Culture (Intach), SVS Lakshmi Narayana, urged the state government to allocate suitable land for construction. of the art gallery.
He said renowned artists, art lovers and philanthropists were ready to undertake construction of the gallery once the government granted the land in the city. Intach in association with Kala Peetham organized a four day workshop on painting and art in Red Cross buildings. Hundreds of students from different schools and colleges made their way to the Red Cross buildings to attend the workshop.
Addressing a meeting held on Saturday, Lakshminarayana said it was high time for art lovers to lobby the government to establish the art gallery.
“Art is alive. It has the power to make people live longer,” Lakshminarayana said. He said that Intach has strived to preserve heritage based on the belief in living in harmony. He said that art improves the quality of life and it is the duty of every citizen to protect it.
Renowned artists from Kalapeetham, Usman Khan and Vijay Kumar Somanchi observed that children could grasp the technique of art and painting if properly trained. “Art gives the power of the imagination. It makes them think beyond. It can be a foundation for achieving bigger goals in life,” said Vijay Kumar.

William E. Bennett