Inside an NFT art gallery that has space-themed dog sculptures: Photos:

  • Quantus Gallery is London’s first permanent NFT art gallery. Insider took a tour.
  • The NFTs are displayed on 36 televisions, alongside dog sculptures and physical artwork.
  • It has six in-house advisors to educate visitors on how to make, buy, and sell NFTs.

The idea of ​​a physical art gallery dedicated to the sale of digital works seems somewhat paradoxical.

But Josh Sandhu, James Ryan and Ryan Marsh say it’s the next logical step in a global market that has jumped to $41 billion in 2021, which is why they’ve opened the city’s first permanent NFT art gallery. London, Quantus Gallery.

An NFT – or non-fungible token – is a digital asset built on a blockchain. It basically provides a single record of ownership. Many consider them modern collectibles.

Some see NFTs as the future of art and point to the fact that established art auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s are already in on the trend. Skeptics say it is a volatile asset and any popularity is just a bubble.

The three co-founders of Quantus have a background in graphic design, art galleries and finance respectively. They said they wanted to appeal to the “95% of people” who don’t yet fully understand the asset. Opening a physical gallery offers something different and gives more people access to the market, they add.

Intrigued, curious and slightly skeptical, Insider went to see what it was like.

William E. Bennett