Gulfport Art Gallery strives to keep art alive during Cruisin ‘Weekend Peak


GULFPORT, Mississippi (WLOX) – A nonprofit took advantage of the crowds in downtown Gulfport on Sunday. The Gulfport Art Center participated in Cruisin ‘but in its own way, moving outside the gallery in hopes of attracting people.

“Lemonade, ice cold,” Caroline Crocker shouted.

Just like in the good old days, lemonade was on sale on a hot day to raise money for a good cause. During a busy weekend, the Gulfport Art Center decided that a garage sale would help draw the community to the gallery to keep it operational.

“You know you need the support of your community,” said Glennis Crowell.

In the heart of downtown Gulfport, cruisers and spectators have taken to the streets. Many were sold on the $ 2 lemonade deal. Others have ventured into the gallery to find unique objects and paintings.

“Some of our artists ran specials and everything on their work during Cruisin,” Crocker said. “I hope some of the people who are here can take some of the Mississippi art home with them,” she said.

Caroline Crocker and Glennis Crowell, both co-chairs of the artists’ council, said fundraisers like this are the way to keep the art center open and to organize events.

“So we run events with kids that help them discover the arts because kids are so creative and you have to nurture them from a young age,” Crowell said. “So what we do is important to us. “

Crowell and Crocker agree that it’s their job to keep the art alive in the community.

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