Davis & Elkins opens the Myles Arts Center

ELKINS, W.Va. — The daughter of a Randolph County forestry pioneer continues to improve and expand the building bearing her family name.

June Myles has donated millions of dollars to Davis and Elkins College over the years to improve the Myles Center for the Arts building.

D&E showcased the latest $7 million expansion Thursday morning at its campus in Elkins. The new extension features a huge glazed common area with a Rotunda entrance, new elevators and a specially commissioned 10-foot-tall statue in the renovated plaza area.

June Myles speaks at the grand opening of the Myles Center (WBOY image)

“I think the beauty of the expansion of this facility is not only great for the arts at Davis and Elkins College, but it’s going to be the first space for our entire region, where we can not only bring the arts to life but also we have the ability to bring together very large groups, large banquets, large community forums,” said Chris Wood, president of Davis and Elkins College. “Our sculpture that is in the square is made up of two dancers, their name is Discovery and Esprit and they kind of symbolize the movement and the joy that is part of this institution for our students.”

“I think it’s a wonderful place for creativity, for the mixing and cross-fertilization of the arts, with the campus and the community,” said June Myles. “I’m really, really happy,” she continued.

The newly renovated center is home to many other facilities, including the George A. Myles Pool, Harper McNeeley Auditorium, and Robbins-Madden Fitness Center.

To reach a central contact for the Myles Center for the Arts and Myles Plaza, call (304) 637-1900.

Myles moved to Randolph County when she was in 3rd grade. His father, George Myles, began his career in forestry in 1946 producing raw timber. He moved his small circular steam mill to Elkwater in Randolph County in 1956.

William E. Bennett