Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM) and Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery launch new exhibition


Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM) and Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery launched the multidisciplinary artist collective We Must Get Together Some Time on Sunday.

The exhibit explores questions and concerns about the Australian bush, rural communities, the importance of natural places and our connection to them.

The 11 WA artists of the Collective practice slow creation techniques through long-term creative engagements with non-urban places and non-human worlds.

Artists use materials such as textiles, natural materials, found objects, ceramics, video, and creative writing to create finely crafted works.

We Must Get Together Some Time artists include Nandi Chinna, Helen Coleman, Jane Donlin, Sharyn Egan, George Karpathakis, Todd Israel, Annette Nykiel, Perdita Phillips, Nien Schwarz, Michelle Slarke and Dianne Strahan.

They worked together for 18 months and although the artists are geographically separated (some living in country towns, downtown, the Perth Hills, and remote Washington State), their determined effort to come together at the both in person and virtually allowed them to share their ideas. and knowledge.

Nykiel, who is also the curator, said the exhibition is not limited to art.

“Slow-making is a way of thinking and becoming. It’s not necessarily the speed at which a process is practiced, ”she said.

We Must Get Together Some Time will be presented in both theaters until Sunday, November 14.

The exhibit is also part of the Indian Ocean Handicrafts Triennial, which features more than 250 artisans in 50 exhibits at 40 venues across Washington State, including major exhibitions at the John Curtin Art Gallery and at the Fremantle Arts Center.

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