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“These are not simple projects,” Keen said of his company’s facility analysis. “We’re not going to approve anything. We will look at several options. We are not opposed to one thing or to several things.

While the prospect of a new building or facility may attract the attention of a community, it is also important to assess the future costs of operating that new building.

“Everyone loves a new facility, but no one likes to pay for this infrastructure,” he said.

District 3 City Councilor John Kinnaird said Keen Independent’s experience and overall approach led to his selection.

A new performing arts facility in the city has been a topic of periodic discussion over the years, but Kinnaird said the city’s economic growth, increasing tourism, a downtown cultural arts district designated by the state and the renewed interest of community and business leaders have made it a serious consideration. .

“We want to take advantage of the good things that are happening here,” he said. “Now is the time to do something.”

The city’s agreement asks Keen to recommend the scope of a potential multi-purpose cultural facility, based on community demand and gaps in the city’s cultural facilities.

The resolution also identified Waco’s downtown cultural district as a target area for a new facility or upgrading existing facilities.


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