Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick Hosts Two New Art Exhibits For Halloween Season


CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick regularly draws visitors from around the world, year round, for its eclectic collection of Wiccan artifacts and historical witch-related items.

Located at 2155 Broadview Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland, the small museum tends to have its busiest months in July due to summer tourist traffic. But, according to museum curator Steven Intermill, the space also has its own appeal during the fall season.

To celebrate Halloween, the Buckland Museum is hosting two new art exhibits tailored to the spooky season. One features “House of Usher” portrait painter Burt Shonberg and his occult creations, while the other focuses on local artists’ depictions of “satanic panic” in pop culture.

Beyond the Dome of Pleasure: The Lost Occult World by Burt Shonberg“is visible until November 1, while”Satanic panic: dragons, witches and monsters in popular culture»Is visible until November 15th. Both exhibits can be viewed with tickets to the Buckland Museum, which cost $ 8 and must be reserved online.

The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick is hosting two new art exhibitions for the fall season. (Photo by Anne Nickoloff, cleveland.com)

Both galleries are part of Buckland’s rotating showcases – an aspect of the museum that Intermill has focused on in recent years, since it opened in its new space in Old Brooklyn in 2018. (Previously, Buckland was located inside the A Separate Reality record store in Tremont.)

“We have a really interesting place to be able to present pieces that don’t often get the chance to be on display,” said Intermill. “I think people think it’s fun having a world famous witchcraft museum in their backyard.”

Witchcraft is often misunderstood, Intermill said. A former curator at Christmas Story House, he changed course to focus solely on sharing the history of magic and its culture with visitors from around the world.

“Our idea is to educate the world: what we are and what we are not,” Intermill said.

The Buckland Museum features many items from the collection of Wicca historian and practitioner Raymond Buckland, including a first handwritten, spiral-bound draft of “Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.” The book, published in 1990, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Other notable items at the Buckland Museum include an herbalist section, a collection of Wicca ritual tools, a tarot card display stand, and a ‘Six Six Sixties’ display that explores psychedelia, rock and roll and witchcraft. Articles by eminent occultists Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner are presented.

Visitors can see it all, after booking an $ 8 ticket. Currently, the Buckland Museum requires face masks due to the pandemic and limited capacity.

“The first year that I packed the place continuously, it was one thing. But now people have so much better experience. Now I can tell the story to people, I can really dig deep, ”Intermill said. “People can have time to think things over, without a group of other people crowding together. “

Find more information on bucklandmuseum.org.

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William E. Bennett