Brewery Arts Center Seeks Community Feedback Regarding Future of Facility | News from Carson City, Nevada


The Brewery Arts Center has implemented great changes over the past two years and has been fortunate to receive significant funding from the Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation as well as private funds to make much-needed improvements to to preserve and make more sustainable their installation in two blocks composed of two historic buildings and to implement a new program.

As they look to the future, the staff and board of directors of the Northern Nevada nonprofit established in 1975 are seeking community input to develop their next strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap to guide them over the next five years.

“We are very fortunate to have been able to accomplish everything we planned to do in the previous five-year strategic plan developed in 2016. We are now entering a new era with new challenges and opportunities, but we want to make sure that the community has have a say in what she wants to see from her brewery arts center, ”said CEO Gina Lopez.

A lot is already underway, including a new website, a new membership program, a new indoor concert series, and plans for what was previously the Artisan store, but the plans are still in the works. elaboration.

The survey is a quick 10-question survey with room for comments that can be completed anonymously or you can provide your contact details.

The link for the survey is:

Or, you can find a link on the IBC website home page, or on our Facebook page.

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