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The Boyle County Performing Arts Center, a new facility adjacent to Boyle County High School, presents a Boyle County High School play titled “Waking Sleepy Hollow,” a variation on the story of the Headless Horseman.

“This is the first play the high school has created and performed for the Boyle County Performing Arts Center,” Michelle Hassall, BCHS theater and choir director, said in an email. “Last year the theater production class performed a virtual play written by junior Libby Oliver. We chose this room after the class read two scripts with Halloween themes and voted for their favorite. This is primarily a student-led production. Students are in charge of lines, lights, sound, props, sets, costumes and public relations. I am proud of the work they put into the performance.

Hassall is the director of the play, but she said her directing style “is a little different from most.”

“I encourage children to be part of their character development, their blocking and their vision,” Hassall said. “Most directors dictate what they want their actors to do – I’m approaching directing from an educational point of view. I want them to learn how to develop their own character and then react to situations as a character.

She said Kyle Hurt is the Director of CAVCO and that he “volunteered his time and expertise for the show.” He works with students on lights and sound, and the future goal is for students to learn about CAVCO and how to conduct their own shows.

“I am delighted that the audience sees the students’ vision of their show,” said Hassall. “As I said before, 90% of the action, sets, sounds, posters / programs and lights come from the creative minds of the students at Boyle County High School. I am here to defend their interests and teach them how to make their vision a reality.

She said the story of the Headless Horseman is a classic that most people are familiar with, and “This interpretation of the play takes place in modern Sleepy Hollow. We wanted the costumes to be less true to the story and more fun – so we chose steampunk. Children can design their own hats to reflect their character. The costumes will also reflect this steampunk essence.

She said the rehearsal time was a challenge as the students have a lot of commitments during the fall season so the rehearsals mainly had to take place during school.

“I am so proud of these children,” she said. “They worked hard to create a fun and spooky Halloween spectacle!”

Hassall shared some student comments via email on the play.

Freshman Sean Guiney said, “This is the first big performance I’ve really been in, so I’m a little nervous, but when we rehearse I have so much fun that I forget how much I am doing. am nervous. The people around me are so encouraging that it’s hard not to want to do your best. Plus with the new theater it really adds to the whole show. I’m used to playing in the cafeteria or maybe the library, so having a real stage is a big step forward. I’m really excited about this performance, and I hope everyone who comes to watch enjoys it as much as I do.

Junior Tristan Harris said, “This show is a really fun play about a classic tale! It is very pleasant for young and old alike. The new theater allowed us to create a whole new experience that we haven’t been able to do before! Consider donating time and money, and in return, we’ll make you laugh and have a good time!

Director and Senior Hannah Worley said, “I can’t wait for people to come and see our show. This is the first time the Boyle County Theater Department has hosted a performance at PAC. Chloe Birt and I spent many hours creating the lighting, sound and decor to create a memorable experience for everyone.

Birt is an elderly person.

Senior Raylee Yadon said, “The show is such a fun show to play and the cast makes it even better. We have an amazing tech crew working to make the show great, and all of the actors are amazing. We’ve all grown so much together as actors and as a theater family I can’t wait for people to experience this with us!


The play is October 28, for one night only, at 7 p.m. at the Boyle County Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $ 10 for adults, $ 8 for students, and free for children 4 and under. Tickets can be purchased from the Boyle County Schools website under the “Performing Arts Center” tab.


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