Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery reveals reopening date – full list of events


The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is set to reopen in the new year.

The downtown museum was initially closed due to the Covid pandemic but then remained closed because essential electrical work was carried out.

This means that museum enthusiasts haven’t been able to visit for almost two years.

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Now, he has announced that the Chamberlain Square attraction will partially reopen on Thursday, April 28, 2022 – with some of Brum’s most exciting creatives taking control of the Round Hall and Industrial Gallery.

The Edwardian tearooms and BMAG boutique will also reopen with Gallery 10 and Gallery Bridge, but the rest of the museum will remain closed while work continues. This work is expected to continue until 2023/4, as more than 36,000 objects from the museum’s collection have been moved to secure storage.

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery announces reopening date

“The coming year is really exciting,” said Sara Wajid and Zak Mensah, co-CEOs of Birmingham Museums Trust.

“The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery has been closed – first because of the pandemic, then for new wiring – and we’re going to partially reopen in 2022 in time for the Commonwealth Games, and it will be very different.

“We’ve invited some of the city’s leading creative and artistic organizations to bring the Round Hall and Industrial Gallery to life with dynamic new exhibits that feel much more immediate.

“We will be covering topics like popular culture, identity and community and there will be a very warm welcome inviting everyone to join us. We can’t wait!”

What’s new at BMAG next year?

We are Birmingham

For the reopening, the round room will be transformed with a “We Are Birmingham” exhibition reflecting the people of 21st century Birmingham. Co-curated by Birmingham Museums and a group of six young people from Don’t Settle in partnership with Beatfreeks, the new exhibit will present a living celebration of Birmingham today as well as the aspirations of what it could become.

Visitors will be encouraged to explore and contribute to the many different stories that make Birmingham the fantastic city that it is.

Que Club Memories

Do you remember the Que Club? You will love this sensory display celebrating the iconic place of music. Organized by Birmingham Music Archive, In The Que, will feature unseen photographs by critically acclaimed photographer Terence Donovan, personal items, archival film footage, flyers and posters.

Reflecting the experiences of the Que Club – from ravers to DJs, musicians to staff – the exhibit will encourage visitors and former clubbers to share memories and join a vibrant program of events.

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Nostalgia for Brum’s cinema

Wonderland by Flatpack Projects and presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival will explore how cinema has shaped the streets, social life and dreams of the Brummies over the past 125 years.

Flatpack plans to map the city’s 100+ theaters – from fairgrounds and pop-ups to multiplexes and South Asian extravaganzas. The exhibit will feature photographs and movie memorabilia, as well as Birmingham’s collection of magic lanterns and optical toys. Visitors can participate by sharing their own movie memorabilia, watching movie screenings, or participating in walk-in activities.

Bab’s Healing Gardens

The Healing Gardens of Bab, presented by the Birmingham 2022 Festival and produced by Fierce, will be a multidisciplinary program that elevates alternative expressions of gender, sexuality and family. It will feature a unique installation in collaboration with Birmingham’s LGBTQIA + communities.

Blacklash: racism and the struggle for self-defense

Since the mid-1980s and over a span of two decades, artist, cultural activist and filmmaker Mukhtar Dar has documented the struggles of Asian and African Caribbean communities against racism.

Blacklash: Racism and the Struggle for Self-Defense, by Kalaboration Arts, draws on Mukhtar’s extensive archive of photos, videos and other political ephemera providing historical context for contemporary anti-racist movements such as Black Lives Matter, as well as encouraging reflection, discussion and debate.

Unprecedented times – a reflection of Birmingham in the pandemic

Visitors will be invited to take a moment to pause and reflect on all that has happened in Birmingham over the past two years of living with Covid-19.

Unprecedented Times, developed in partnership with the Birmingham City Council Public Health Division and the Birmingham Museums Community Action Group, will explore the survival of the human spirit in past and present public crises.

A special exhibition will also be launched in the Gas Hall in May 2022, details of which will be announced at a later date.

All other galleries can still be explored online via the BMAG virtual tour here

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