Belfast Community Arts Center receives $ 100,000 donation for building renovation

Belfast arts organization Waterfall Arts announced on Tuesday it had received an anonymous grant of $ 100,000 to support the ongoing renovation of its community center.

The nonprofit is renovating the old 84-year-old Governor Anderson School building at 256 High St., according to a press release. The objectives are to make the building more energy efficient and closer to a “net zero” installation, while increasing its capacity for exhibition, representation and education.

The $ 100,000 grant provides the matching funds necessary to complete the work under a 2019 Brownfield Environmental Protection Agency grant. The grant also provides additional matching funds to remove lead paint around the building’s 74 windows and replace them with energy efficient contemporary versions that match the stylish and original size and proportions.

The identity of the donor was not disclosed.

“We are delighted and very grateful for this very substantial grant from a donor who believes in Waterfall Arts and has supported our efforts for many years,” said Alan Crichton Waterfall Arts co-founder and campaign chair, in the press release. “These funds have already started to transform our beloved historic building.”

Waterfall plans to install the new windows in the spring and complete the new landscaping in July. A new roof was recently completed.

The campaign is called Waterfall Arts Capital Campaign: Waterfall Rising. The grant is expected to ensure the completion of the first three of the four renovation phases, said Kim Fleming, executive director of Waterfall Arts.

The first three phases include new parking, as well as landscaping, roofing and windows. The remake is designed to recall the building’s original design from 1935.

“Phase four will consist of reinventing the main entrance to the building from the parking lot side to provide more than double the exhibition and performance space, to install an elevator serving three levels and to create a more accessible reception for the public. Fleming added. .

The overall goal of the campaign is $ 2.6 million. With the latest grant and previous contributions, the campaign has achieved over 60% of the goal.

Courtesy / Stunt Arts

Waterfall Arts occupies an 84 year old school building which is currently undergoing renovations.

“This grant provides a significant boost to the remaining fundraising needed to complete Waterfall Rising in 2022,” said Crichton. The building’s modernization will pave the way for Waterfall Arts’ next decades of growth as we create stimulating art experiences that energize Belfast and the community of Central Maine’s Coast.

Waterfall Arts offers classes, exhibitions, art events, performances, public art projects and open studios in ceramics, glassblowing, printmaking, darkroom photography and more.

In 2019, the organization received a grant of $ 350,000 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency as part of its Brownfields program, for the removal and replacement of old materials that were part of the original construction of the school.

Waterfall Arts contributed $ 70,000 to the grant.

In the Belfast area, Waterfall Arts is one of 20 arts groups contributing $ 2.7 million to the region’s economy, as of 2019.

William E. Bennett