Baylor-Waco Basketball Agreement Opens Door to Performing Arts Center and STEAM Center | Local government. and politics

City officials said future phases of the partnership would result in around $ 700 million in public, private and university spending in the downtown waterfront area. This would include a $ 100 million addition to Catalyst Urban Development’s ongoing waterfront project, in addition to a performing arts center costing at least $ 80 million, city officials said.

Construction continues on Catalyst Urban Development’s waterfront development on University Parks Drive, which may be expanded through a partnership with the City of Waco and Baylor University.

Rod Aydelotte, Tribune-Herald

Under the proposed deal, Baylor would pledge the city $ 20 million over 10 years to help fund the performing arts center.

The university would also give the city $ 500,000 to help launch a Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, or STEAM, at the Bledsoe-Miller Community Center, 300 Martin Luther King Jr .Blvd.

Council voted this year to purchase the Doris Miller YMCA 1020 Elm Ave. for $ 2.7 million in June with plans to use the building as the area’s new community center, replacing Bledsoe-Miller.

“We have done some groundwork on these projects, and I suspect that in the coming year we will continue with these projects,” Waco Mayor Dillon Meek said of the later phase projects. “Baylor’s financial commitment to these projects, I think, has been a positive and important consolidation of their commitment to our community. “

“We’re researching best practices on this right now,” Meek said.

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