Art Gallery Plans to Integrate Slim Dusty Center as Regional Event Center | Port Macquarie News


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KEMPSEY’s Slim Dusty Center is one of 60 recipients across state to win $ 6 million in funding to enhance a community’s creative capital. The funding will be used to build an adapted regional art gallery on site as well as to expand the performance space. Oxley member Melinda Pavey said the funding was part of the first round of minor works and equipment projects through the New South Wales government’s Creative Capital program. “I am delighted to announce that the Slim Dusty Center is the recipient of $ 186,000 to enhance and develop our arts and cultural facilities in the Macleay Valley,” said Ms. Pavey. “This investment will also boost the local tourism industry and I would like to thank the Kempsey Shire Council for their successful bid.” Ms Pavey said the funding would provide: State-wide funding supports the development of new and improved cultural infrastructure and facilities for museums, theaters, performance venues, galleries and venues conservation policy. Arts Minister Don Harwin said funding for Kempsey Shire would mean everyone across the state would have access to quality cultural infrastructure, no matter where they came from. “This investment will ensure that no matter where people live in NSW, they will be able to see, create and participate in exciting artistic and cultural experiences in state-of-the-art creative spaces,” said Mr. Harwin. noted. “Each region of New South Wales receives its fair share of artistic and cultural spending.”



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