An artistic conversation at the Quesnel Art Gallery – Quesnel Cariboo Observer

Submitted to the Observer by Helena Pavinen

Eight artists and a photographer invite you to the Quesnel Art Gallery’s first exhibition of the 2022 season: “An Artistic Conversation”.

This innovative presentation is a back-and-forth visual conversation between Bryden Rankin’s beautifully shot, nature-based photographs on easels in the center of the gallery and artistic interpretations by Keith Prestone, Maureen Wheeler, Sarah Cody, Patti Faber, Marlene Pegg, Miranda Marcotte, Katja Kovanen and Leslie Rankin on the walls around them.

As people often do, when we look at the same image, we perceive or “see” such a variety of different narratives and seek to offer our version of the visual conversation.

Often, as performers or viewers, we also seek to elicit an emotional or reflective response and may even delve into larger, even controversial, topics.

Some of these conversation topics might include pollution, intrinsic beauty, protection of natural resources, and appreciation of creation. Then we could watch to see how others react, how they might challenge our thinking, and then try to understand their unique perspective.

So we invite you to come, engage, and find the unique visual conversation being played out between these artists.

Bring your friends and see what conversations are sparked in your lives, maybe flex your visual perceptual muscles and then see where it takes you.

All of the participating artists viewed Bryden’s photos and “played” with the images. They made each work of art their own.

We invite you to attend the actual art exhibition. This is truly a unique opportunity to participate, engage, and possibly buy your own visual conversation.

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William E. Bennett