A new scientific and artistic center called “MOSART” is in preparation in Rome | Community

ROME, NY – The Project Fibonacci Foundation is in the early stages of developing a center for science, technology, engineering, math and the arts in downtown Rome.

The STEAM center will be called the Multiversity of Science, Art and Technology, or MOSART.

The center will be an interactive exhibition center with art exhibits and will host community activities, guest speaker events and educational programs.

“For six years, the organization has been dedicated to teaching STEM and artistic leadership. The idea is that we try to rebuild and revitalize our communities of young people in upstate New York starting in Rome,” said Dr. Andrew Drozd, President of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors raises funds for the project and seeks community support to help cover the costs of acquiring, renovating and operating the facilities.

The first organizations, families, or individuals to make meaningful donations to the project will become part of an Early Founders Club, and the Foundation will dedicate offices, buildings, wings, and other spaces to donors.

ANDRO Computational Solutions has already committed $50,000 through a corporate matching program to help raise funds.

The Foundation hopes to raise at least $1 million this year.

For more information on donations, call or email Drozd at 315-335-1238 or adrozd@projectfibonacci.org or visit: projectfibonacci.org.

Donations can also be mailed to:

Fibonacci Foundation Project Inc.

Box 424

Rome, NY 13442-0424

The exact location of MOSART has yet to be determined, but the center is expected to open in early 2023.

William E. Bennett