7 Must-See Art Exhibits in Dallas This Spring

From four new artists at Dallas Contemporary to a one-of-a-kind Cartier exhibit, these are the must-see art exhibits to see in Dallas this spring.

Parrot Architecture by Houston-based sculptor Joseph Havel is an exhibition of previously unseen wall assemblages and totem sculptures in bronze and resin. (Courtesy of the artist)

Dallas Contemporary

Dallas Contemporary will present four new exhibitions starting April 16. Houston-based sculptor Joseph Havelit’s parrot architecture is an exhibition of unusual wall assemblies and totemic sculptures in bronze and resin. Produced with the help of her pet parrot Hannah during the pandemic, Havel’s works seek to highlight the environmental impact of the global health crisis on spawned species.

Lonnie Holleya self-taught artist born in Alabama, will also make his Texas debut this spring with a new set of ceramic works called Coming from Earth. The seventh child of 27, Holley had several jobs before creating her first work of art at 29. Working with drawing, painting, sculpture, etc., Holley’s work is inspired by her upbringing in a chaotic environment.

Artist originally from California and based in College Station Natalie Wadlington will make its institutional debut at the Dallas Contemporary with places that grow. The exhibition presents a series of figurative paintings with a fantasy touch.

Borna Sammakit’s America, beautiful place will also debut on April 16, marking the New York artist’s first solo exhibition in Texas and his first exhibition in a museum. A mixed media sculpture, painting and installation artist, Sammak draws inspiration from pop culture and the everyday environment.

038 Tiara, Cartier London, special order, 1936 (Photo by Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection © Cartier)
Tiara with platinum, diamonds and turquoise, sold to The Honorable Robert Henry Brand, Cartier London, special order, 1936 (Photo by Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection © Cartier)

Dallas Museum of Art

Spirit Lodge: The Art of Spiro’s Mississippi opens March 13. This will be the first major exhibition devoted to the art and culture of the peoples of Mississippi. Bringing together nearly 200 old and contemporary works, the exhibition is the first of its kind.

May 14, Cartier and Islamic art: in search of modernity will finally open. The star-studded exhibition showcases the influence of Islamic art on Louis Cartier and the creators of the French jewelry brand from the 20th century to the present day. The first Cartier show in Texas in two decades, this exhibit is bound to be something special.

Nasher Art Exhibitions
“Misfits” by Nairy Baghramian, winner of the 2022 Nasher Prize, is currently on display. (Courtesy)

Nasher Sculpture Center

Currently on view until May 1, 2022 Nasher Prize Winner Nairy Baghramianthe recent series of misfits is visible in the forward gallery space of the Nasher. The series of sculptures even includes a new work titled Misfits P created just for the installation, along with two Paris Misfits from Baghramian. Alongside the sculptures, a photo from the artist’s series Confused alphabet is posted. Although the coins appear playable, please do not touch them.

William E. Bennett