10 art exhibitions to see this month


Now that the region’s art spaces are finally welcoming visitors again, this season’s exhibition and gallery calendar is in full swing. From video projections for a single visitor to large-scale installations, there’s plenty to see this month in the city’s many galleries. Here are some must-see shows to watch in November:

Dovetail – Until November 14

The unifying concept of this exhibit at the Intersect Arts Center is the Dovetail, a carpentry joint that predates written history. In the spirit of this assemblage, each of the 26 pieces on display was created by more than one artist, requiring collaboration in both spirit and technique.

Legacy: Endurance of the Earth – Until November 19

Using traditional craft techniques, Mandy Pedrigo creates intricate textile versions of aerial maps of places both real and imagined. On display at the Foundry Art Center, these small textured squares connect Pedrigo to his own family history while inviting viewers to reflect on their own ideas about home, history and nature.

Reflection / Inspiration – Until November 20

Vivid colors and patterns constructed from handmade rice paper are the hallmarks of Lore Bert’s work, and this collection of beautifully textured graphic pieces from the Atrium Gallery is not to be missed. Bert’s emerging interest in Chinese symbols is fully on display in the collection, alongside earlier works.

Sam Fox School Design Faculty Exhibition Part 1 – Until November 20

Refuting the old adage that those who can’t teach, the Sam Fox School of Design at the University of Washington presents this exhibition showcasing the works of seven faculty members at the Des Lee Gallery. For the first round of this series of exhibitions, Amy Auman, Jonathan Hanahan, John Hendrix, Jennifer Ingram, Claire Thomas-Morgan, Mary Ruppert-Stroescu and Jeff Pike will present pieces covering fashion, illustration, graphic design, etc. . A special reception for artists will take place on November 13.

Ethan Meyer – Until November 27

Color and pattern dominate the space at Duane Reed Gallery, where new wood, fiber and canvas works by Ethan Meyer are on display until November 27. The dense and intricate paintings and sculptures take on a sort of static TV effect from afar, but reveal wonderful textures and details when seen up close.

Andrea Fraser – Until November 28

Don’t miss the final weeks of performance and the single-channel video works of video artist Andrea Fraser, Can I help you? and Little Franck and his carp, at the Kemper Art Museum. In both works, filmed a decade apart, the artist takes the art spaces themselves as the subject, infiltrating a gallery and a museum and using the language of the art world to taunt it.

The act of drawing – Until December 18

Douglas Sims, like many, found himself alone as the pandemic set in. Instead of taking inspiration from life as usual, he began a series of “memory” drawings, using family snapshots from the 1950s and 1960s as a reference and reimagining and developing the images. The result is The act of drawing, the first art exhibition to open at Parish Gallery in almost two years.

Aida Å ehović: TO TE NEMA – Until December 19

Laumeier Sculpture Park 2021 guest artist Aida Å ehović presented this long-standing project, the name of which means “Where were you?” »In Bosnian, since 2006. The sculptural and performative piece consists of more than 8,000 fildžani, small porcelain coffee cups, collected in memory of the thousands of men and boys executed during the Srebrenica genocide in 1995. The version Laumeier presents the fildžani, posters of previous iterations of the project and a related body of work called Family album.

Woodlands: Native American art from the Saint-Louis collections – Until April 24, 2022

This new exhibit in Gallery 100 of the St. Louis Art Museum brings together rarely seen works by Indigenous artists from local collectors, regional collections and SLAM’s own collections. All from the Woodlands, an area stretching from the Great Lakes to the southeastern Atlantic coast, the items on display range from historic textiles to sculpture and graphic art, to recent large donations to the museum. .

Metamorphosis | Nirbhaya – From November 19 to March 5, 2022

Later this month, Bruno David Gallery will once again welcome videographer Monika Weiss for this sound and film project that can be experienced by only one viewer at a time. The audiovisual cycle tells the story of Daphne, a mythological nymph who became a laurel to escape her pursuers, through choreography, photographs and improvised instrumentals.


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